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Reboli Atelier life drawing(02.26.2016)

Woooooooso here is my first blog on the new site, and I guess a great way to kick things off is with one of my new favorite things: the Friday night life drawing class at Reboli Atelier. And again, big thanks to Tasha for clueing me in on this. So let's see what I fucking gots to show here...

Once again, I'm leading off with what ended up being my favorite(of three that I kept) drawing of the night. Particularly the right half. Man, it is always a great feeling when my line is as loose and sure as this. I really can't wait to start drawing pages like this(good thing that I can be #superfuckingpatientKen sometimes).

These opening 5 minute poses were pretty strong for me as well. I'm looking forward to doing this on a semi-regular basis, so hopefully this is how I'll start most classes.

Aaaaaand this is the last drawing of the night(I tossed my awful attempt after this). I'm having a fucking blast working ink and white paint like this(again, looking forward to seeing this on my pages).

This was a lot of fun, and then Tasha "convinced" me to join in for some tasty beverages at Velvet Lounge. Good times for Ken

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