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Grand Central Station(03.16.2016)

Great news! as I awaited sloth like Timothy to share in some tasty beverages, I sat down in the lower level of Grand Central to do some life drawing(always have a sketch pad at least on me). But today I was gonna mix it up a little, and ONLY use a dead line of a Sharpie.

No tone. No oil bars.

For the first drawing like this in...I have no idea how long...I was pretty fucking pleased. Nice job, Ken!

OK, now I was ready to try something a little harder...drawing a scene where people would be constantly moving in and out of my drawing field of vision. It's been a while since I tried this, and I think that the dead line was the right call on this. I didn't have to worry about shade, line was just pretty much stream of conscious line. I like this one a lot.

At the beginning of this last one, Tim let me know he was headed down. So, for a quicker drawing, I think it turned out OK.

But now it's time for tasty beverages.

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