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Kylo Ren (and his goddamn helmet)

Last year, my buddy Tim had commissioned a drawing for his son's school(Building Blocks Developmental Pre School) fundraiser. I did a Batman, and people seemed to not hate it enough that Tim asked me if I could do something again this year.

"How about something Star Wars this time?"

Fuck yeah, I'll do some Star Wars.

I decided to draw Kylo Ren(please please please follow Emo Kylo Ren on twitter). Largely because I wanted to draw that lightsaber. And I fucking now realize that his fucking mask fucking sucks to fucking draw. Fuck.

I had some ideas that I wanted to try out on this, having some fun with smearing white paint to try to pull out some highlights. I was really happy with how this turned out, and now I'm ready to add color.

Sooo, it's time for oil bars for responsible Ken.

I have some ideas of what I'd like to see, chiefly that the main stand out color is gonna be the lightsaber blade. Everything else(background, robe, that fucking mask) will be in the same family of blues. Hopefully I don't fuck this ink drawing(which I quite like) up.

Well, at first, I was convinced that I had over done it on color. When this happens, I've found that what I need to do is get up from my art table and go for a walk outside(for about an hour or so). Then I can come back with fresh eyes and resume(this is from some unfortunate times when I'd keep going on something until I grind it into awfulness).

Now that I'm not quite so frustrated, I can look at this and see what I need to do next. So, with my buddy Mr razor blade, I start to scrape and bring out some of the under layers of color. To bring out the texture of the robe, I scratched a grid pattern. This helps pull the robe out from the background.

Tim loved this, and hopefully this brings in the kind of money that leads to an exciting Fast Five bank robbery in Rio. I'd definitely go to that kind of fundraiser...

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