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Life drawing and Batman V Superman

Now that the baby Jesus isn't still dead and just before baseball gets its 4hr games(I'm a Yankees fan) started, I guess we can talk about my great day last Friday as I rock out to the most excellent album Emotion(I heart The CRJ). I got to see the IMAX 3D Batman V Superman(Spoiler alert: it's been out for about a 100 fucking days already so shut up), yell at someone that the new Point Break is not in fact almost good as the original, and then do some life drawing.

So let's get going here(I'm gonna mix my drawings from that night with BVS thoughts).

Let's start off with how everything with Wonder Woman was beyond what I could have hoped for. I heart Gal Godot from the Fast and Furious movies(I may have mentioned that I might like them a little bit), and she crushed it. Not just the action scenes, but also when she smoothly wins over Bruce in beating him to their shared goal, and then help him out, without even exerting herself.

And a bazillion points to the Hans/Junkie XL team for that WW theme...

(Man, I am in some kind of a fucking zone drawing with just a Ultra Fine tip Sharpie right now)

Now...on to Team much as Michael Keaton holds a special place in my heart for, well, everything that he does...big Ben is right now at least tied as best Bruce/Batman(sorry, angry asthmatic Bale Batman). Wow, Ben is good in this role, as he is pretty much just like how I'd picture an older and disgruntled Batman to behave. And I say "Team", because Jeremy Irons kills it as the best Alfred ever(the Bruce and Alfred scenes are always some of the best moments in any of the Batman movies for me).

And this is the best Batmobile too(no grappling hooks to hang a sharp left OR SCALE A FUCKING SIDE OF A BUILDING AS TWO FACE'S GANG CRASHES INTO THE SAME FUCKING WALL).

(I was really happy with the quiet pose and drawing on the left side on this one. Because of the way that the ink beads a little when the point rests on the paper, the model said this looked like I drew her as a constellation)

Let's talk about how BVS seemed to have a Zack Snyder story point checklist that would've filled three movies worth of time. Superman seemed to get a lot more story condensed when compared to how parts with Bats and WW were allowed to breathe. So, let's look at it like Zack's checklist

-I loved the Clark/Perry relationship. Perry is, in a buddy's term, "such a dick". Because that's what a boss ultimately is, to everyone that isn't "their guy". And it's very clear that Perry's "guy" is, deservedly, Lois.

-I also love that Perry, when checking in on Lois, lowers his tone when asking after Clark. Since Perry FUCKING KNOWS THAT CLARK IS SUPERMAN

-I loved all scenes with Clark and Lois and Clark and his mom. These are the unfortunately limited times when Cavill gets to actually be a person, and I hope there's more in the 5 day long super R rated version coming out on Blu Ray.

-I loved nuLex. This was serious movie with serious jaw clenching, and we needed someone a little lively to help bring one of the 8 storylines along.

-I loved that the reactions to people split along the lines of not hero worship, but religion idolatry(And as, well, I guess an atheist, I cheered in the theatre when nuLex presented the "all powerful/knowing fuck off god" argument). And this will be very interesting to see how this plays out in the next movies when everyone sees that Superman is actually gonna rise from the dead(Spoiler Alert: now you know how the movie ends. Shut up).

Special shout outs go to the dream/vision parts from Elseworlds stories and THERE WERE UNDERWATER AQUAMAN SONIC BOOMS. I liked a lot more than I didn't in this movie, and I'm hoping that the extra time in the 3hr version fleshes the story out more(please don't let the Doomsday fight go twice as long).

(I hadn't done a full page 18x24 single pose in I don't know how long, but I was pretty happy with this last pose of the night).

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