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New comic coming along...

"Hey, when are we gonna see another book from you?"

Well, funny that you should ask that, kids, because this is what I've been(ever so slowly) putting together.

I've wanted to draw a nourish comic since pretty much forever. I guess/hope that this isn't too surprising if you take a look at my art, particularly how it's evolved over time. And I've also been trying to work in how I approach life drawing(line weight, supplies used) to my comics pages for a little bit. So I think I'm ready to grab my balls and make a fucking go at it.

This (above) is a concept drawing of one of the main character's protagonists. Bugs really fucking creep me out, especially if they're coming at me in an enclosed area like a subway car.

I love dogs, so my story is gonna co-star a fucking dog. That talks. And might be dead. But he's still a good boy.

A bunch of years ago, one my all time favorite artists John Paul Leon drew a Wolverine graphic novel called Logan. In this story, John Paul had Logan wearing a very particular looking jacket, and it was very clear(to me at least) that this was one of the favorite things that JP got to draw. So I want to try that on this story(I have this jacket in the above drawing). This also gets me out of my art comfort zone and really thinking about how textures can create different gray tones.

Right now, I'm thumb nailing a five page sequence to try some ideas out that I'll have to show at my next two shows(Eternal Con and NYCC). And I really can't fucking wait to get going on this, so wish me productive luck on this.

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