Commissions: Magik

April 26, 2016

I need to fucking change.


That seems to be what's driving my art lately. Tools that I'm using. How I begin the drawing. Who I'm drawing for. I've been enjoying how this been going so far. And after many many many conversations with Jerry, I was ready to try to use something that I have always had problems with.


Grey tones.


At this point, I had figured that I'd be using some mix of charcoal and oil bars for this. But after looking back at this Mark Twain drawing I had done last year...


I wanted to be bold again. So, after working out the idea and sketch for the Magik drawing(um, I never scanned THAT in, so oops and sorry you don't get to see it), I went and added "my" grey tones.



Fuck, I'm starting to really hope that I know what I'm doing after all. OK, time to draw Colossus' little snowflake...



Wow, did I love how the line art ended up. I can't wait to try this on pages.


At this point, I should mention that I had asked Will(the nice guy that's paying me for this) what kind of Magik he'd prefer. His response was that, after looking at my art(he had loved a Rachel Summers/Hound drawing I'd done), her demon form was something he'd like to see me tackle. So the idea here is that sweet Illyanna(left side) in the X-Mansion morphs into Darkchylde.



With inks, I tried to block out the horn on her head. And I really really really really(I've been listening to a lot of The CRJ lately) wanted a cool white paint effect for her eye. Now it's oil bar fun time for Ken.



Surprisingly and thankfully, the newspaper took the ink and oil bars like a fucking champ. I'm pretty happy with the overall process and end result here. I had a lot of fun working on this(there was rubber cement fucking everywhere here), and I can't wait to try this on pages next.

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