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Creepy Ewoks and the best Thor not wearing a Mets hat

I know it's been a while, so let's start off with a CRJ update. This is my favorite song off her newest album. Watch it. Then come back please.

OK, now back to my last two Sketch Lotteries.

So, the subject this week was Biker Scout. And my thought was, "I don't wanna draw that. Ooh ooh, I know what I want to draw!" And it seems that would be these little beasties eating the traffic cops of The Empire. And please note that the fucking Ewok in the back right is happily chomping on a formerly meaty leg bone.

CRJ update #2. I also heart this song(as my buddy Mark said, "there's a lot of running around and doing things here. She's exhausting just watching this". But then he is old, and clearly not meant for her)

For this drawing, I basically wanted to accept Jerry's challenge to only use line, no black. So all I used was a Sharpie Ultra Fine(I think I burned it out on this). That is until I used some white paint to white out their soulless beady eyes. I hope Jerry is ok with that.

CRJ update #3. This is also an awesome song.

The week before?


For this, I went hard core research. I wandered over to my bookshelf, picked up this monster sculpt of a figure, carried it back to my drawing table, held it at a cool angle, and then drew it.

Wow, does that sound exhausting.

Great news! A much needed CRJ update #4: This is also a heartable song

I had a lot of fun with the line(again, an ultra fine point Sharpie), but I just could not let go of spotting blacks. I tried to limit it to just shapes, as opposed to going to town as I usually end up doing. I'm still trying to figure out if this applies to my next batch of pages(if it does at all).

Let's wrap top our collective love of the CRJ with this greatness of art. And now I'm off to see The Nice Guys

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