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Eternal Con drawings

After a couple of days, it's time to talk about this past weekend's Eternal Con. Friday night was a crazy 6hr game of "Hey Mike, where the fuck am I sitting now?"(poor Mike), which reminded me how good an idea it is to set up the day before whenever possible. Great news for Ken, Mike and John had me in a great spot on the second floor. So, let's look at what happened...

I'm gonna start with the last of the four drawings that I did over Saturday and Sunday. Why? Because, even as I was handing this over to the guy that asked if I could draw him a "Michael Keaton Batman, with his cape flapping", I wasn't sure if this was a good drawing. This was definitely a case of not being able to critically step back and honestly critique, because this is a really good drawing. A really really really really really(a little reference of The CRJ here) good drawing. I had a fucking blast with Batman(once I finally got the pose I wanted right). And a lot of fun with the background.

Oh, and the guy loved it.

Since time has no meaning with this fucking blog post, here's what I started Sunday off drawing...Rachel Summers THE HOUND! I've mentioned before that the X-Men comics that I started collecting as a kid was during the Morlock Tunnels time. And man, did Rachel have some great storylines. It blew my kid mind when issue 207 ended with a stand off between Rachel(THE coolest Pheonix EVER) vs a battle bandage wrapped Wolverine that ended with a SNIKT to the gut!

I'm apologizing now, but I can't remember the name of the young lady that commissioned me to draw Deathbird. She has commissioned Darwin and Vulcan(3rd Summers brother) prior, and wanted this to complement the others(this is all related to a relatively recent X-Men in space story). Having never drawn Deathbird(or either of her other two requests) before, I wanted to get this right. Since Deathbird is a little on the wild side, I had some fun with brushwork on her hair.

Oh, and she loved the drawing!

And here is what I started my Saturday morning, with a Dick Grayson Batman(check the glove gauntlets and belt motherfuckers). And when I googled night city alley, a Tokyo street popped up that looked like it would be cool to draw. So that's why Batman is there.

In case these drawings didn't make it clear, I had a fucking blast at this year's Eternal Con! So thanks again to Frank, Mike, and John for setting things up, and everyone that I met and enjoyed tasty beverages with. I'm already looking forward to my next con...

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