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Commission: One of the best goddamn drawings I've done

"Hey, do your newspaper and drawing thing"

That was the only art direction that super fucking nice guy Larry gave me on the commission of a drawing of(and for) his son Walker(Larry has been super fucking nice since way back when Jennifer first came out).

This has been a fun way to stretch my art muscles, so I was pretty psyched to get going on this.

Clearly, step 1 is making a fucking mess. Within five minutes my hands are a mix of newsprint, rubber cement, oil bar, and the whole skin and bones and blood thing.

Working like this means that I switch my process up a bit. Instead of drawing line art and then adding spot blacks and tone(like with my recent Sandman drawing), I do the opposite here. Using a very messy mix of newspaper, paint, charcoal, and oil bars helps me with a layout of mass. And since this will need some time to dry, I will make myself a bacon treat.

Now, as the title says, I think that this is one of the best goddamn drawings that I've done in...well, a very long time I guess. I really really really really like this(and The CRJ). Everything about it. And I super love the extreme foreshortened feet(not the easiest thing in the world to get even close to right on the first try).

Having said that, I initially thought that I had fucked the drawing up. Big time. Like "start this all over right now" fucked up. Nothing looked right. So, before folding this in half and heaving in the garbage, I instead went out for a walk. And once I got back, I looked at this again with fresh eyes. Adding some smeared white paint in the foreground(my hands are a super mess at this point and I'm trailing paint/charcoal everywhere) I love it.

Just in time to mail it out. Great news indeed. Man, do I like this drawing...

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