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Drawing in GCS

Why do I end up drawing in Grand Central Station so often? Well, it's about a fucking bazillion humid degrees right now, so A/C is definitely a plus. And I don't get shade for enjoying a tasty beverage waiting for Tim to show up, so there's that too.

What I started doing now too is drawing in a sketch book. It's certainly much easier to lug around than my 18x24 drawing board is, although I don't want to stop that completely either. So when it came time to buy a book to draw in, I thought I'd mix it up a bit and get brown paper. Which then let me play with white paint in shapes.

And I am having a fucking blast with this.

I really liked how the old guy ion the foreground had a super weird grip of unforgiveness on his coffee cup.

Focusing in more detail on sleeping beard let me loosen up on all the people zipping around behind him.

This was a couple of blocks out, and I had fun not just with the white paint, but in doing some of the texture of the building's wall.

Between this, using newspaper on commissions, and the pages I'm working on now(a new book, Of Devils and Men), I feel like I'm getting to stretch all the fun art muscles. Good times for thirsty Ken it seems...

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