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Sketch Lottery: Quasar!

Well, it certainly has been a bit since my last entry for Sketch Lottery(or this blog for that matter), and I'll be talking about that more leading up to NYCC next month. But with those obligations for the most part finished, I happened to see the email from Sal that MY BOY QUASAR IS THE NEW SELECTION WOOOOOOOOOO

That's right, I get to draw Mr WEV! And you motherfuckers better understand that yes I am giving The Cosmic Avenger his Greg Capello mullet like the rock star that he is.

Along with being one of my favorite characters, it was nice to just draw with brush and ink again. What I'm currently working on has been a lot more involved, and a change of pace was just what I needed it seems.

And now it's time to get going with my NYCC prep and get a drawing done for Jerry's kickstarter.

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