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Brandon Lee

Great news, it's time for posting my first drawing of the year! Well, it's not really the first first, but more like the first finished that I can show and who the fuck cares here it is

Man, The Crow is one of my favorite fucking movies in all of time space. I remember seeing this at least five times in the movie theatre. And knowing that Brandon was killed(murdered?) as they filmed made this an even more extreme gothic tale of love in the face of mortality to college freshman Ken. So fucking good.

For what I wanted to do(after watching the movie first of course) was to get that kind of sadness but resolute vibe that Brandon successfully brought to the movie. So, to me, that ruled out any crazy action scenes. And I do love to draw dark urban environments, so I went and put him in a Detroit alley.

As for the drawing, I think I'm getting a better handle on what I see in my crazy head and putting it on paper(Bristol 9x12). Starting off with charcoal for tone, I add Sum ink for the heavy black areas. Then, before the ink is fully dry, I smear a clear oil bar to mix and create the tone I want. Then it's time to draw with an ebony pencil, using white paint to rework what I over used tone/create a light source.

And any chance that I can I fucking leap to hand draw word/sound balloons. Because this reminds me of the greatest impression in all of film.

Holyfuck do I love this movie. And the soundtrack....

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