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Last of the NY drawings 2: Glenn and Jess and Jules and the good dogs

When I was visiting Glenn and Jess in NC, they had mentioned that they were going to start commissioning family portrait drawings from artists that they really liked. I guess they felt bad about saying this in front of me and then not asking, so they asked if I'd be available to do this.

But I of course wanted to make it more fucking difficult than it needed to be, so I decided to not do just a standard composition. Now I needed to figure out what the fuck to do with five subjects(Glenn, Jess, Julian, and the two dogs).

My first thought was to incorporate the fact that Glenn(visual) and Jess(food) were both artists. So of course a mural/graffiti theme made sense. I used water color pencils smeared with a wet cloth to create the art on the wall(the colors are from North Carolina's teams). And I liked drawing Jules as a location drawing with one of the dogs, Tennessee. Pushing the second dog Olive up to create forced depth really worked out. And I liked that I was able to use different art tools(background- water color pencils, mid-charcoal pencil, fore-ink and paint on newspaper) for each layer of the drawing.

They better fucking like this(I hope)

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