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Last of the NY drawings 3: Stratos

OK, so time is super really going fast, and this is the second to last drawing that I need to get done before I head south. This one is for Jerry, who wanted to commission me to draw a Masters of the Universe character. But, I could only use line work, no heavy spotted black(Jerry is always trying to work me from using spot black as an easy crutch, and it's made my drawing stronger and more interesting to do). And since Jerry likes shitty flying characters AND deep V costume designs, Stratos was the clear call.

Treating this like a location drawing was the right call to make, but holyfuck was it more difficult that I had thought. Like four tries hard. But I'm really happy with how this turned out, particularly making the decision to have his stupid feathers come directly from his arms and not be strapped on. Because that's fucking dumb. And yeah, I drew the costume with the hair short shorts that all of the characters seemed to have all agreed to wear.

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