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Sketch Lottery: Martian Manhunter

Now that I'm pretty much situated here in NC, it's time to get back to drawing again. And when Sketch Lottery pops up with the top Oreo lover in the JLA, I thought it'd be a good idea to try out a Wacom Cintiq that my buddy Glenn gifted me. Soooooo let's see what I can remember...

I had a pretty solid idea on what I wanted to do right away. Which was good, because I spent all morning and afternoon on this. It was a lot of "OK, I remember how to do this properly now. So erase all of this and start again". A lot of that.

The background was easy enough to get right(after a couple of restarts), and I even eventually liked adding a stone texture over the drawing. Keeping the colors simple was also a good call.

For MM, I knew that I wanted to keep it simple, because I was gonna fuck around with filters for his "power" effect. And after a bunch of tries, I ended up happy with this blur and lower opacity.

Running it past that punk Jerry, he offered a critique to simplify the background even further. So I got around to that this morning.

I'm not sure which I like better. Maybe a mid ground between the two? Something to consider for a next drawing.

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