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New life drawing time for Ken

One of my favorite things to do is draw from life(as you already fucking know by now). And when I was poking around to see what art things were going on here in my new home of NC, I came across The North Carolina Academy of Art holds a model life drawing session every Wednesday night. I reached out to the director of the class, Osiris, and he was super welcoming for a new face to come through.

So what happened?

I got there a few minutes late(fuck these confusing and looping roads).

I was lucky to find a board because I didn't think to grab my own on my way out(-5 points for Ken).

But then it was time to get started...

I'm gonna start off with my last drawing of the night because go fuck yourself, this is my favorite. I felt pretty good by this point of the night enough to break out some Sumi ink and brush and go to work. This was the final pose(same as the first, but I'll get back to that) and was about 20min.

Due to a mix pop with the models, Osiris stepped up to pose. This meant that there would be no super long pose, which suits me just fine(but I will bring my board with me next time to hop around the room for when they do hold super long poses). The group called the first pose "disappointed father". I like this crew.

After the two warm up 5min poses, it was time for a 20min pose. I felt somewhat loose, and I think that it shows on this drawing. Not too bad, but a little on the stiff side still.

After a break, I broke out a Sharpie(fine point) to try to get a little looser. I definitely like this one better, and it let me feel ok in going to the brush and ink for the last pose.

These guys have clearly been together for a while, and it made for a loose and fun night. And you can bring tasty beverages. This is definitely something that I will make the time to go back for.

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