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Life drawing, and some updates

Some brutal honesty, this relocation has times. I guess that I "knew" what this would mean for me in terms of social life/art focus/fucking money, but not until after I finished unpacking did it start to sink in. And while I've certainly had struggles with the social and money sides, a big thing that has helped is the life drawing classes I go to each Wednesday night at The North Carolina Academy of Art. Not just for the regular model drawing(but yeah that's a big plus), but for the group of artists there. It's nice to have a place in this new home that I feel like things automatically are right.

These quick warm ups, particularly the middle(and last one) were a nice prep for the line work I'm doing today on a drawing. the sense of confidence that Jerry keeps pushing(I swear I'm trying) me to go for is right there and was a great way to start the night.

I've been getting a little too lost in dark inks and charcoal(read into that what you will), so I deliberately did not bring them. Instead, I used oil bars to rough out the figure here on the long pose. After taking a lap around the class to see what everyone else was doing, I went back in and tried to make only basic marks with the ebony pencil. Using tape to block out marks that were not necessary helped to keep the focus on what I wanted to push.

With one last almost 20min pose to go, I went back to straight line, with tape to correct some misjudgments. Overall, this was a really good class for me. And when paired up with a pep/motivating talk with Jerry, I'm pushing to be more productive on a smarter way.

After a night of anxious non sleep, of course. But I had some coffee and bacon so I guess that's ok.

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