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Exhibitions and more drawing

It was a pretty full weekend for Ken just now. Not only did I have art in two separate shows, but my buddy Marc came down to see how I was doing(and to temporarily escape his family). So let's see what I had up at the main show.

This drawing(18x24 pencil, Sumi ink, newspaper, oil bars, white paint)was up at the Hart Witzen for the Spring show, and I was psyched to check it out with Marc and Glenn on opening night. There were a lot of different artists displayed, and it was cool to meet more of my new art neighbors in one setting.

In between visits to the gallery, I could be found networking across the street at the open studio night. Along with NCAA(where I draw every Wednesday), the ceramics(Powder Studio) and fine art(Bastion) studios had everyone there getting an up close look at how working artists operate.

And speaking of drawing, I seem to be in a really great groove at class lately. I am having fun and being bold in what I'm trying to do.

This was the last week's drawing(18x24 pencil, ink, newspaper, oil bars, white paint), and man did it not start off well. the pencil drawing was off, and just looking at it made me want to set it on fire.

Instead, I figured I'd try to see what I could do with some newspapers and rubber cement. Using the torn strips of newspaper to block out shadow allowed me to rework the pencil drawing into a contour that worked a bazillion times better. Adding white paint allowed me to get a hard cut into some of the shadow/newspaper blocks.

And then I knocked over about a third of the rubber cement in the jar onto the floor. CLEANING BREAK!

By the end of the night, I felt so much happier with this than I had 30min ago.

In case you liked either of these drawings, they are both available for sale( hit me up at )

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