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May the 4th be with you!

Great news, it's Star Wars Day today!

Now, while I will be celebrating like everyone that knows what's what by watching at least one SW movie(I fucking promise you e1-3 do not exist for me, especially on this day), as an artist I want to draw some SW characters. So who will I start my day off with? Spoiler alert, it will not be those two assholes C3PO and R2D2...because fuck them.

Deciding to just ink Chirrut(9x12 pencil, Sumi ink) to really pop his figure out, letting the back ground elements faze back a bit. I think that the line for that is strong enough to guide your eye around the entire image. I'm really very happy with how this turned out, and it's available to pick up(message me at if interested.

Here is the pencil "sketch" that clearly I really got into. So much so that I ended up inking Chirrut.

Donnie Yen's Chirrut Imwe was one of the better parts of the...underwhelming...Rogue One for me. I liked the calm and joy he projected, which is something that every war movie(which was what this was supposed to be) needs. I loved this scene, where he just fucking strolls into the middle of a lost fight and pulls out a win. I loved the scene where he declares to Asian Bishop that he doesn't need to be careful wandering from the ship on an unfamiliar mountain in the rain at a bad guy base because "I have you". And I really thought their last stand scene was the strongest of the main characters. I'd love to see a movie/Netflix/comic series of those two RIGHT NOW DO YOU HEAR US MICKEY MOUSE?!

Here are two of my favorite drawings(not just SW, but yeah that too).

Man, the Tusken Raiders will always be my favorite guys to draw. This is clearly seen every time I am asked to do Topps cards, as you can find around 10 out of 100 of my cards are these noisy motherfuckers. While it would make me sad, this is up for sale right now.

Boba Fett, the guy that everyone fucking loves. Because he's cool BECAUSE WE DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT HIM DON'T GIVE HIM A MOVIE.

Unless it's a buddy comedy with him and IG88. And they're played by the stars of Dude Where's My Car?

Because that is a movie I can get behind.

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