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Last week's life drawing adventures

As slow moving Ken sprays down some drawings and listens to King Phil all day(I'm currently stuck on Land of Confusion and In Too Deep on five times in a row), let's see what happened in the way of life drawings this week....

After missing out on the warm up poses(I might have been enjoying the nice weather and tasty beverages and talking with new friends here), I walk in for the beginning of the one long pose(which is broken into two 20min and then a "how much time is left?" pose). So fuck it, let's jump in.

I liked how the line and shapes worked for me here a lot. Just a sharpened ebony pencil. Not even any art tape!

"but I'm playing for keeps..."...I'm clearly going to listen to this a bazillion times today....

So I took a slightly longer break outside(it was really nice outside) with the plan of going in first with oil bars. I put down a light blue to rough out the shapes, then a green for mid tones, followed by a navy(darker) blue for shadow and weight. As I was beginning to apply white paint for light reflection, it was time to break. And I am fucking covered with smeared color.

Coming back in, I knew that I wanted to spend a solid chunk of time with establishing my line. Working like this means a whole new slew of challenges, and sometimes that means that I don't HAVE TO pencil draw everything. Working like this means that I might like how the color defines shapes all on its own, and I have to be aware of when it's time to leave it alone.

You'll notice that there is art tape here. Because the smear at the bottom of the page was immediately clear to me that it didn't need to be there, so tape tape away.

I hope that anyone of you guys reading these posts have seen the I really do enjoy my move here, primarily as almost everything that I've tried to do here has been centered around art. And these classes every Wednesday night has really helped my structured mind in keeping things flowing as well as I'll let it(hurray for at times paralyzing guilt).

As in the case of Tuesday morning. Ginormous thanks to Glenn for the text to join him at Mugs, a coffee shop that he loved immediately after he moved down here. So I figured fuck it, yeah I'll be there soon. And then the power to my building was shut off for maintenance, so fuck it I guess I'll go now.

This was on my 9x12 pad with a twin tip Sharpie, and I used the Ultra Fine point. This came out great(after the five shitty ones that found the garbage). And then I got to pet a dire wolf named Maximus that walked by. So it was a great day for Ken.

Now to get back to work on a maybe new comics thing as I replay the same two brilliant Genesis songs...

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