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Messy drawings time again for Ken

Great news, the new job has been going pretty well so far(3 weeks in). And I'm starting to get a handle on what my drawing time outside of work will look like after Heroes Con wraps next weekend. So this makes the life drawing class at NCAA so important for me, as it's a great bridge to get back to my comics work(I'll talk about some new things later on once they are further along).

Recap the rules time, the class always start off with two 5min poses. And the model here(I'm blanking on her name, but she's been here before) used the 2nd pose to warm up a bit herself. Not too bad looking drawings to get started here for Ken...

Next up is the first of 2 20min parts of a longer 40min pose. And THIS was a strong drawing for me here. I really liked how it started off with the face, particularly the eyes/bangs. I really liked this, and wondered what I was gonna do for the next 20min.

After a strong line drawing, I figured it was time to fucking break out a toothbrush and Sumi ink. That, and some white paint, are the only things I used for this drawing. I'm having a lot of fun working loose like this, and I think the sense of structure holds pretty well here. And it's making me happy to be able to use black like this and not lose the overall drawing.

Now, it's off to work and then Chance The Rapper later with Glenn and Jess and tasty beverages.

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