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A good night of drawing

Like I said in the last post, my schedule has been thrown a bit with my new job. I was in NY again last week, so I missed that Wednesday's drawing class(where apparently 13 people showed up for). So I was pretty fucking psyched that I got to go this week.

It's always cool when the class model is up for a more strenuous attempt for the 5min pose. I was happy with this once I finished the pose, but the later drawings leave me less happy(and I'll probably delete and toss this in the not too distant future).

With a lower turnout this night, Osiris was open to mixing up the usual pose times up. So instead of one long pose broken into 20min installments, I was very happy that we went with multiple 20min poses. And I think that will show with the se drawings, starting with this lounge pose.

This is my favorite drawing of the night. I got to push myself with some unique foreshortening, as the model is leaning over the cushion and table away from me. I ultimately like the decision to use just a simple strong line for everything up until the pattern on the cushion. And I really think the overall layout of shapes and design is strong. this might be going up on my wall this weekend.

Did I say that the last one was my favorite drawing? Grrrrr, because I really like this one too. Lounge poses are always a challenge, because there's no clear place to start the drawing(for me, anyway). So I started at the top of the model's left knee, and worked my way down and across. This is where my love of drawing backgrounds helps a fuck ton, because it helps me space out where I'm seeing everything properly.

With the exception of the model's left arm, as indicated by the multiple art tapes to fucking correct my fucking mistakes to not fucking ruin the fucking drawing. But yeah I love this drawing.

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