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Drawing bookmarks for kids

A struggle that I really have some trouble with is when I'm asked to volunteer for a good cause. Yes, I'd like to help, especially when the request is from a friend. But a lot of times I feel like I'm not "really" doing something, but that's not entirely the whole thing. Thinking about it, it's more "why are they asking me SPECIFICALLY" to do something. And I know that this sounds like nonsense, but I feel like just a nobody doing something that literally anyone else can do. I don't feel like I'm contributing anything. I don't feel like I'm helping in anything.

But ask me to draw for a good cause? YES. That I can(and try to do as often as I"m asked) do.

Action Rico

When Rico invited me to be a part of Bookmarks for Ugandan Students, I was more than happy to do this. Because I can use my drawings, yeah, but it's focus wasn't just on giving art to kids(which is always a good thing). It's to bring the kids' stories out to a wider audience to help set up their schooling.

So I sped down to the spot where everyone was drawing after work and got a sweet tea(I was soberly thirsty) and got going.

After mean for no reason Jess and youthful Glenn got situated of course(stop being so mean for no reason, Jessica).

Because the turnout was so good, we each got 4 bookmarks to work on. Which was great, because then there was no super rush to get a ginormous stack each done. So I went with a happy kid(drawn like a location drawing), Spidey(MM version), a native fish, and Batman Beyond. As a side note, I was informed that I was the only adult that got marker on the goddamn table.

Here are some group result shots(that's Glenn's Spidey front and center).

There is some really great drawing here, and everyone had a lot of fun(Rico and Janice smartly had stickers for the not super artists to make sure everyone got to be a part of this). And I look forward to finding out how this trip goes.

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