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No SDCC, but more life drawings and then a great show

Once again I did not make it back out to SDCC. While it gets easier each year that I'm away(after exhibiting for...10 years?), I wanted to make sure that I didn't get too down and not draw at all. That's where, once again, Wednesday life drawing class swoops in for Ken.

Starting off with two 5min poses is always a nice way to warm up. I'm really happy with the second drawing, so I think that tonight is gonna be a good night.

Lying poses are always tough, and I'm always foolishly eager to attack them when they pop up. My angle this time, however, made this a different kind of challenge. It almost looks like the model is weirdly lounging back in a standing position from a ground view(if that makes any fucking sense at all), so that's how I approached it. I really like the negative space shapes on the bottom early on, so I made the conscious choice to make a strong line detail focus on the top third.

As someone that is not a particular fan of long poses(really anything longer than 20min), I usually use the last long pose to do at least two drawings. So after the break, it was toothbrush time once again. What I'm trying to do with this is slowly work my way from broad gestures and movement to trying to add a little more detail. Like in a face. I feel like this was mostly successful, so I'll keep trying to push this work style as long as I'm having fun with it. Which I certainly am.

Oh, and if you get the chance to see Phantogram and Tycho(they're currently touring together) THEN YOU FUCKING GO AND SEE THEM AND HAVE A GREAT NIGHT. Because that's what I did Saturday, and it was just that.

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