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Between moving to Charlotte and trying to set up a new life and trying to find work and setting up art shows here and NYCC and starting new projects...I haven't had time to draw for Sketch Lottery like I'd used to. And when I thought I had half a minute to think about it again, what magical subject comes up?

Mother fucking Hellboy!

Since I may have hypothetically consumed way too much whiskey the last couple of days(man, this World Series has been fucking epic when it's not busy being racist) and I can't deal with John Gruden sober(SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP) I thought "let's fucking draw this quick and see if I hate it".

Great news, I don't hate it.

I really don't hate it so much that I figured I'd give coloring it in photoshop a try(thanks again for the basic run through Jerry!). So it gets scanned in and I get started.

Whoa, check out all those layer things on the side menu! Seriously though, Jerry did give me a hard core two day phone/text/email boot camp for when I was toning up the western pages for NYCC(wait, I haven't shown those yet? Nope, I haven't, but soon...). And now I'm trying to apply that to some basic color on my traditionally drawn art.

And I'm definitely giving a lot of thought(or at least trying to) to adding texture to pop, as opposed to trying to render in color(which doesn't work to well with how I draw).

And here we go with the finish! I kept the colors pretty straightforward, with two different textures. Right now, I like how this looks(we'll see if that holds true tomorrow). And I'm looking forward to trying to experiment more with this on my new pages soon.

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