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John Wick

You may not have noticed, but I fucking love Keanu Reeves movies. Like, a lot a lot.

He's usually my go to when I want to get drawing, and I'm not entirely sure what to draw. Or if I'm getting ready to start something new, and want to try some new things out. And this drawing is the second one(I'll get to that at some later point). With the very flawed JWC2 on non-stop on HBO, I figured I'd go with that.

I went with the "John Wick is on the hunt and being hunted" idea, so a gun pose felt like the right way to go. And since I have been focusing on my line, I wanted to create some mass with flat black(that's what all the "x" indicate) and tone here.

After three fucking disastrous tries, I liked this one. And you can kind of make out some art tape in the background. I want to create a strong black shape/lines without using a ruler, so I figured I'd tape it off and see how it goes.

Ok, I was kind of surprised how much I liked how the inks turned out. I had gotten so lost in inks and oil bars lately, I was concerned that it would look muddy and lost again. But I had really planned out what I wanted for this step, so it looks like it paid off.

And wow did I fuck up the tape lines in terms of perspective. So I fixed that here with inks.

Now, this is reading pretty well of John "on the hunt". But how do I get the vibe that he's also the prey?

I'll fucking add in the blood from the violinist(this is how the final original looks, in case you were wondering).

Time to add tones! I'm having fun getting familiar working with tone as an added part of the drawing process, and it's helping me be more confident in both my line work and in being more deliberate in terms of black shapes. And with this, I was looking forward to taking what I've been learning here and apply to color.

Aaaaand here is the final! Once again, huge ginormous thank you to both Jerry and Glenn in walking me through photoshop boot camp in a way that I'm feeling challenged to try something new without being completely overwhelmed. I'm having a lot of art nerd fun trying different textures and thinking about how I'm gonna approach pages that might be up next.

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