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New drawing class for Ken!

As I've said before, the best fucking decision that I made once in NC was in hooking up with a life drawing class on my second day here. It was a blast(disappointed dad pose), and the artists that I met at the studio have become a big part of my new NC life. So I was understandably thrilled when Chalice and Margaret quickly threw together a Thursday night class this month in Unorthodox Studio C.

The four of us(Osiris was there to heave all his wine at the ground) got to the studio early. Reeeaaally early. And I think that our excitement pretty much sold us that this call was a great decision.

We are just gonna pretend that the 5min poses starting the night off never, I can't remember when the entire group of us were so out of practice that NO ONE had a single drawing they liked. So let's just skip ahead to the long pose here. For someone that has gone a surprisingly long time without life drawing, I'm really happy with this one.

Everything about this night(except the 5min poses) was fun. A lot of fun. Bunny, always a great model, was loose and joking around with us. And what started off as a throw away idea from Osiris to jam on a drawing ended up with something that I'm looking forward to doing again really soon. And I don't think I got home until almost 1am. Great night.

As bad as these 5min poses are(this is from the next class), they are light years better than the week before. But man, am I still rusty. Rusty enough that when we decided to do a 3rd quick pose, I just thought "fuck it I'll just draw over the first two". But....I'm thinking that I'm starting to get my life drawing feet under me again.

This one feels like I know what I'm doing kind of again. This was a pretty hard pose to draw for someone out of practice, but I was feeling ready to try anyway. And once we felt that Marsha wasn't gonna lose any feeling or circulation in her legs, I decided to use the contour of the pose to build out around the studio. I got to play around with different textures and patterns in the blanket. I had a fucking blast drawing the chair on the right and her right foot. And for a class that wrapped a little after 9pm, for "some" reason I didn't get home until 12:30. Another great night.

I can't wait for the last class for the year(my drawing board is ready!) on Thursday, so come down to Unorthodox Studio C by 7pm and join in.

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