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Drawing class good times

The holiday season has always seemed to fly by at super speed(that's what working in the stress cage of retail does to you). But it seemed to really sneak up on me this year, like everything else, because of my move down to Charlotte. But the good news of a drawing class starting up on Thursday night in NoDa has been exactly what I needed to anchor and stabilize my week. And now, with a couple of weeks under my belt, I feel like I'm getting back into a really solid drawing groove.

Martha is back! And she was definitely feeling bold in starting the night off with the opening 5min poses. The second drawing had me feeling pretty good with how I got this gesture. And with a restocked fridge, I already know that this is gonna be a good night.

Man, I really like how this drawing came together over two 20min posing. Again, Marsha went for a pretty difficult pose to hold, particularly with how she had her legs. And with my focus the last couple of sessions in trying to draw by building off from the model into the background fucking paid off tonight. I was cruising along in drawing Chalice's studio and then back to Marsha and then back to the chair...yeah, this is gonna be a good night for sure.

I have been waiting to do this again for a long time. It sure as fuck felt like a REALLY long time. And with the last drawing done with a last 20min session to go, I folded the paper and drew the panels and BAM. It's like I'm back in John Ruggeri's 6th floor class in the main SVA building! So, while Chalice(panel 2) and Kate(panel 1) were wrapping up their Marsha long pose drawing, I was drawing them. And then another chair.

Man, I can't say just how happy I am that this class is a thing. And I'm really looking forward to getting going with this again in January. And if this sounds like how a great Thursday night needs to be, then come on by here and join in.

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