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New year, new drawings

I was pretty fucking psyched when Chalice started setting up drawing sessions in the studio again earlier than had been planned(I think we were gonna wait another couple of weeks because of outside scheduling issues). And I went into this session wanting to try something for a commission request that I'm about to get started on(I'll get back to that in a second).

But first, it's been cold down here. This was not what I moved from Hoth to deal with. I don't know who it was that promised me 7 months of Spring a year, but fuck them right now. Anyway, even with two heaters going full tilt, there was no way that there was gonna be a nude model that night.

Which is fine for me, as I prefer clothed models. I know that it helps me when designing and drawing people in my comic pages if I can get even the simple background figures to look like actual normal humans that have dressed themselves. These 5min poses came pretty easy for me Thursday night, which makes me happy. And again reinforcing how much I need these weekly drawing sessions to keep in the right zone.

So, what was that about wanting to try something on the long pose?

I've been playing around with textures and filters in photoshop, trying to get comfortable in using them in both my pages and drawings like this. But that doesn't mean that I'm going away from creating that with real things on paper. So I wanted to be deliberate and a little more controlled in creating something on this drawing.

After beginning the drawing with the first 20min pose(1st of 3 for the last pose of the night), I started rubber cementing two areas; her sweater and a background shape. Then I mixed some white paint on the newspaper, and smeared it a bit with a clear oil bar. Some scraping with a razor blade and blocking shapes with art tape and....I think I really like how this turned out. And I'm feeling ready to use some of this in my first commission of the year.

And then somehow I didn't get home until almost 3am.

But now I need to throw on some Aggrolites and spray these two drawings down.

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