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Studio drawings and getting ready to push forward

I cannot fucking believe that it was a year ago that Glenn and Jess invited me to come down and see their new home /life in NC. I still feel like things are blur speeding by, but now I'm just getting better and not getting whiplash trying to keep track of everything.

And again, hooking up with a drawing class on my second day here is still the best decision that I've made since coming down to Charlotte. So, now that I've been feeling in a strong drawing groove this year let's see what happened on last Thursday night.

Great news, we had two models! Knowing this, I deliberately picked a spot to draw that wasn't direct in center fo this one 10min pose. I really wanted to try my best to get both figures, with one in a pronounced foreground. And since it was still too chilly for nudes, both models were clothed.

(In case you were wondering, both of theses things help me IMMENSELY when I draw comic. Putting individually styled people in a real sense of space is something I can never be good enough at, so I fucking love getting practice like this in whenever I can).

I had brought some color oil bars to play with tonight, but the long pose of the night immediately made me grab an ebony pencil and dive in on Meg here. This was pretty much all drawn in the first 20min block of the long pose, and holyfuck I hope I can do this on the blank comic pages that have been staring at me from the drawing desk. Everything here seemed to go so fucking perfectly for me, I couldn't wait to get going for the rest of the one long pose.

Wait, did I say ONE long pose? There...was some...discussion/confusion on this point it seems, and Meg's pose had her losing feeling in her left arm, so both her and Benito switched poses up a bit. And that ended up just fine for me, because now it's oil bar time.

I don't know why, but I jumped right in blocking Benito out in orange and red oil bars. Something immediately popped in my head to try. So I started ripping some art tape into smaller/thinner strips, and used THAT to create the hard clean cuts into the color. And I found that as I was drawing everything else, I liked how lines were going into/through the color figure. So I kept doing it.

Also, there is indeed some tasty beverage in Benito's cup.

I know I keep saying that I need to do this in the new comics pages(and the first attempts have all found new homes in my garbage can), but I really think that this week I'm gonna be happy with something. And I can't fucking wait.

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