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Thursday night drawing session HAD A MOTHERFUCKING LIGHTSABER

I fucking love Thursday night. I get to shoot straight over to the studio early to help set things up. Like moving easels, clearing floor space for the model stage, and making sure that my cup has safety whiskey in it. See? It already sounds great.

And then Chalice brought in a lightsaber for the model to pose with AND IT'S THE LIGHTSABER THAT MAKES ALL THE FUN NOISES AND THE MODEL IS NAMED BEN AND HE HAS A JEDI BEARD!

"So, we're going to start with some 1min poses" is how the night gets going. I loved 1min poses in Ruggeri's classes!

So, I have clearly not been drawing 1min poses. Holyfuck, am I out of shape on this. But man, Ben was super into posing with the lightsaber.

OK, I was feeling good and ready for the two 5min poses. At this point Ben turned off the noises and light of the saber, as I think he wanted to keep swinging it around. Jedis are wise.

This is my favorite drawing of the night. I was fucking READY to jump in on the long pose of the night, and it felt like everything was working right for me here. I may want to see what I can do in PS with some block color later this week...

For the last chunk of time(30min I think), I grabbed the oil bars in my bag and blocked out shapes. Nothing too specific, just how I felt light and objects were looking to me. Then I went and started drawing on the color. And I'm really liking using the art tape to create edges on the color. THIS is something that I'm definitely looking to keep pushing.

So yeah, Thursday is my favorite day of the week in case you couldn't tell. So come down and join in already, Glenn.

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