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More fun drawing night drawings

I don't know if you can tell, but I really have a fucking blast at these Thursday night drawing sessions. I mean, like The CRJ really really really like them. Really.

Particularly since I'm getting a better handle on the opening 1 minute poses. And I really dig how Meg(the model) consciously poses her hands on even the simple poses.

So of course the second I say how much I love Meg's hand poses, they are both hidden from my seated point of view for the two 5min poses. But not to worry, I will try my best to get through this (and end up being pretty pleased with these two drawings).

Then it was time to grab another tasty beverage before the long pose of the night began.

For the last couple of long poses, I try to push what I can do with materials I'm comfortable using(ebony pencil, oil bars, Sumi ink).

Tonight I wanted to try using the two brightest colors I had with me to pop the shapes of the background. I went in knowing that I wanted to draw the line work over the orange and see how it went. I think it went well enough that next up is using this technique for the model.

Again, this is easily my favorite night of the week. And since it's only $10(FOR THREE HOURS!) I can use the extra savings to yell at people on the non greatness that is Altered Carbon. Fuck that show.

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