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Drawing class and Twin Peaks

I am really feeling my line choices at the weekly life drawing sessions that I fucking live for on Thursday nights. So much so that it drives me insane that I can't replicate it for my comic pages(but that's a different post altogether I guess).

I've also been crazy binging all of Twin Peaks. S1 is fucking brilliant a lot more than you remember, but wow is it clear when ABC decided things were too weird and they fired Lynch before the season even ended.

I'm even starting to be happy with the 5 1min poses that kick things off. And man, Bunny is a fucking brilliant example of what you hope for when you get ready to draw in a session like this. I can even hear dead Joe Orlando being happy with some of the poses she jumps into.

The first 5min pose immediately had me hearing Black Lodge Laura Palmer telling what happens sometimes to her arms. And I'm really happy with that foot drawing.

Twin Peaks s2 is waaaay more painful to slog through than you remember. But, holyfuck does it all pays off in what is most likely my favorite TV ending of all time space. #howsannie

Man, this drawing was going so great that I turned it 90 degrees and started over. Twice.

Ugh, the first attempt as a landscape orientation was TPs2 bad....but, I figured fuck it and tried it again. Starting with the collage/Sumi ink part, I was feeling much better about it by the first break.

And by the second break, I was super psyched how the line drawing of a sleepy Bunny was. But how the fuck a I gonna piece the two together?

Well, I went with art tape. First as I was correcting(and correcting) the contour of Bunny's side. But then I went and taped from Bunny over the newspaper/ink. And I figured I might as well draw over that.

I have watched TPs3e8 twice now. I am entranced. NIN was brilliant. This one episode has made every shitty minute of "Dougie" worth while. Now I will open a tasty beverage and start the next episode.

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