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Drawings and Ken life updates's been a while...

I had a bunch of work travel trips and moving my art stuff into a studio and moving my life stuff into a new place and then a fucking car accident.

But this weekend is for catching up(and a breath), so here's what I managed to do at this past Thursday's drawing session.

30 second poses. What the fuck were we thinking(particularly considering how quickly my 1min poses end up in the garbage). But the model was super into it, and we got some amazing poses out of it. This will definitely keep my comic/illustration work from getting overly stiff, and I'm looking forward to doing this again next week.

"Can I sit on the floor instead of on the stage?"

Meg, this idea was fucking brilliant. Because I knew exactly how I was going to draw this(standing up to really push the perspective). And with the second 20min part of the pose, I thought about filling in the negative space with color(wooooil bars).

Man, I REALLY fucking like how this one turned out.

This one...I'm not sure how I feel still. I like the focus of Meg on the bench on the stage. And I like the idea of making everything else a block of shapes.

With everything that's zoomed through this past year here in Charlotte, these weekly drawing sessions have been the anchor I really needed. Now, to FINALLY get started on a specific thing...

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