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New studio space set up, time for Heroes

Great news, this last Thursday was fucking amazing.

Yes, I've said that before but Thursday night is my favorite night of the week so shut your face.

Man, I'm super psyched that all of the models so far have really embraced Chalice's idea of starting with 10 30sec poses. It's the best way to get loose for the night for everyone.

Teresa killed it on the next round of poses(1min each). While some fancy people might hate this, I love it that she(and most of the other models) are at this point having conversations with the group. This enhances the drawings as the model's personality really shines through the drawing. At least it does for me.

2 5min poses and I'm really feeling in the zone.

There was some discussion on whether the rest of the night(about 2hrs) will be one long pose, or a couple of different 20min poses. While I was down for the latter, it was clear reading the room that the first option was the favorite.

And that was cool, because I have oil bars.

What a surprise, I used a lot of orange. But something that I wanted to try was to get back to being messy. Like smearing oil bar colors together over ebony pencil lines. Most of my recent drawings have had the oil bars basically be like construction paper; solid color shapes. So I started like that, but then decided to dive in after one of the last model breaks. Starting by smearing the red and orange on the left side, I felt confident. Confident enough to try something on the main part of the drawing, Teresa.

By the end of the night. I was happy. How happy?

I can't fucking wait to really get messy happy, that's how much.

And now that my studio is ready and my car is no longer crashed it's time to get ready for Heroes Con! WOOOOOOOOOO!

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