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Punisher and pals

Great news, it's time for a new post about the great idea that I had to draw an abandoned factory interior. And as a side note I guess I'll heave in some soldier guys not being able to find the Punisher.

So yeah, that's my thought process on sketching out this idea. Thankfully, I put much more thought into the composition of the drawing.

Or at least that's what my art buddies told me.

This was a lot more fun than I thought it'd be. And yes, this kind of drawing is definitely what I'd consider fun to do.

The Punisher(and his chest logo) were deliberately not completely defined, as I was already thinking that this was at least gonna be inked(and then white paint added) with a branch. I wanted to make him look a little more sketchy to separate him from the soldiers visually. And it seemed like it would be more fun, too.

I went back to use a brush to ink the soldiers a little more cleanly(the branch was a little too sketchy that day), but went and inked the Punisher and the machinery thing in the foreground with a branch. I even got to scrape a bit at the skull emblem with a razor blade to give it more of an edge.

At this point, my buddy Glenn sent me an image of how he had inked my pencils(hopefully he'll post it when he's finished). It's never not cool as fuck when you get to see multiple interpretations of the same drawing like that.

For the color, I had some ideas already popping around in my head. I definitely needed red windows behind Frank, and thought some blues and purples for everything else would work. Initially trying flat colors didn't really make me too happy, so I went and gave myself the rest of the night off to look at it fresh the next day. It's really easy to forget how helpful this is to do.

Coming back to the drawing, I thought of something new to try. I grabbed sections of some of my oil bar drawings with the colors that I hoped to use, and started playing around for hours in photoshop. Adding layers. Moving and rotating layers. Fucking around with opacity of layers.

And then remembering to add in laser sights.

I'm pretty fucking happy with how this needed up. And it's done just in time to enjoy tasty beverages with studio pals before most of us leave Charlotte for work things this week.

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