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Just before I left for NY for work, I thought I'd keep trying the digital coloring system that I had done for the Punisher drawing. This time, I'd bring back the Spider-Miles that I had drawn after seeing Into the Spiderverse a second time(I'm preordering the blu ray right now).

This was a blast to draw. And as you can see, I already had plans for how I was gonna ink it.

The inking here is all done by soaking a branch in Sumi ink. Like how the kids all do. Then I added some of the white web lines with a white paint pen. This was also a fucking blast.

Then I did not do too much more with the drawing. But the Punisher drawing got me thinking about Miles here again. I knew that I didn't want to do normal/local color. Because I can't really do that. And it wouldn't be fun either.

Thinking about the color pallet, RED screamed back at me. It would feel like movement and heat and crowding and noise in the city. So I pulled up this life drawing

and started copying and pasting chunks of it under the line layers of the Spider-Miles drawing. Some of the Spidey color is clear where it came from of this life drawing, some a little less so. There are some spots where I deliberately rotated and/or over layered chunks of the life drawing to get some cool texture and color results.

Taking things a bit farther, I decided to add in some darker tones in areas like under the bridge. This would give a sense of light, and let the brighter areas really pop RED. So, I started grabbing chunks of this drawing

and throwing it over and under the areas I wanted to darken/cool down a bit. Again, there was more than a little of trial and error, but I ended up really happy with how it ended up here.

I added in some solid red boxes around parts of Miles that I thought would hype part of his powers in a very graphic way.

Now I get to figure out what's up next...

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