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I'm an oil bar mess...

As I'm trying(somewhat successfully once in a while) to manage work with figuring out new projects and scanning boxes of pages in for an upcoming thing, life drawing is my safe harbor. These drawing sessions(every other Monday, every fucking Thursday) help me keep not crazy and are getting me to think in new ways in terms of color for comic pages/illustrations. And this past week was the kind with two drawing nights so WOOOOOO.

Sometimes I end a night with a bunch of drawings that I'm really happy with. Monday was not that kind of night. But I did like a bunch of what is going on with this drawing. Particularly the starting off of jabbing an oil bar at the paper, and then drawing over that with an ebony pencil.

Thursday night, however, was a night that I came away with three drawings I liked. And it's always a fun night when Ceddy is on the model stage. These 1min poses were a blast to draw.

Starting off with a line drawing of Cedy's head down to about his shoulders, I thought I'd draw the outline of the door in the background as a framing element. I then immediately filled it in with the blue, with some line drawing over that with a woodless ebony pencil.

It was after the first pose break that I thought I'd go with warm colors for, well, everything else I guess. And razorblade scrape away at chunks. I am now covered in oil bar color smears.

I really fucking like this drawing.

After moderate success at being cleaned and less of a mess, I thought I'd try something completely different. Yeah, there's still the line weight with the woodless ebony pencil going on. But I thought I'd do some texture/shading at spots that caught my interest. This one I really fucking like too.

With a work trip this week putting me in Brooklyn, I'm gonna miss Thursday's class. But I'm already trying to think what I'm gonna do next with all of this.

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